"Ten Tips" to identify and shoddy agricultural


See whether the product certification. Authentic products have national quality and technical supervision departments accreditation granted production factory inspection certificate, manual, and installation considerations, the absence of fake and shoddy products.
Second look at the specifications. Optional accessories, to observe the specification model meets the requirements. Some from the outside is almost the same, but can not be used to buy back a little attention.
To see whether the assembly mark. Authentic qualified product assembly marks are very clear, obvious. Such asthe timing gear assembly mark, mark the top of the piston should be in good condition clear. Not marked and labeledunclear is definitely not an option.
To see whether the corrosion. Some spare parts due to improper care or storage for a long time, resulting incorrosion, oxidation, discoloration, deformation, aging phenomenon. If the above can not be purchased.
To see whether the distortion. Such as tires, V-belts, shafts, rods, storage method is not appropriate, it is easy tobe deformed geometry of the reach requirements, it does not work properly.
Six cracks. And shoddy products from the appearance of view, the lower finish, and there are obvious cracks,sand holes, clip slag, burrs and other defects.
Seven for loose catching. Qualified products, assembly parts rotating flexible, conforming to the standard size of the gap. Most of the shoddy products is not too loose, catching rotation is not flexible.
Eight surface color. Manufacturers original products, surface shading are relatively fixed, are specified color.
Nine appearance package. The authentic product packaging pay attention to quality, product is waterproof, anti-corrosion treatment, the use of wooden packaging and in the apparent position marked with the product name, size,type, quantity, and the trade name. Some parts assembly using good paper carton, and set it in a plastic bag.
Ten Trademark and weight. The purchase of agricultural products and accessories, there must be awareness of trademarks, select GuoYou ministerial excellent products. Optional accessories weigh, first hand, most of the inferior parts cut corners, light weight, small size, pay attention to identify.

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