Tips to buy a five-point agricultural machinery


In recent years, stimulated by the farm machinery purchase subsidy policy, the agricultural market rapid expansion, many companies are into agricultural production that pays top academics, good and bad, exposing the industry, lack of barriers to entry, a large number of short-term profited assembling enterprises, between enterprisesthe level of homogenization of vicious competition, product quality can not be guaranteed, technology innovation power is not strong.?The following issues of the purchase of agricultural machinery should be noted that a simple induction:
  1, we must first understand the production of the major manufacturers of the production machinery which from Select size is relatively large, well-known brand of R & D ability, because these enterprises quality assurance conditions, product quality is relatively stable, three bags of service?more timely.?Purchased separately to use the machinery of farmers to look into the mechanical performance, quality and after-sales service, and finally determine the specific models according to their own use and affordability.
  2,Mention the front of the car to check the mechanical quality inspection certificates, product promotion license, three bags of maintenance certificates and other documents of the period, and to check that all documents are marked on the nameplate with the mechanical Product Name Model, the main technical parameters?, the factory number as well as the production company's name, address, telephone number consistent to prevent the purchase of fake and shoddy products.?And carefully read the instructions carefully check is stated on the mechanical hand tools and accessories are a whole, to prevent vendors cut corners less hair accessories, firmly rejected the proposed plant date for too long, longer periods of storage or repair of the product.
  3, carefully check the mechanical appearance.?In general appearance of the product quality to a certain extent reflect the intrinsic quality of the product, the purchase of machinery before observe the product without knocking, damage, peeling paint, and signs of renovation.?The welding parts welding gap formation of a solid, sealed part of the oil leakage leakage and leakage of the "leakage" phenomenon, the various parts of the gap are the same, whether the casting cracks and pores sand holes and other defects.?The transmission parts with protective measures.?National law, agricultural machinery must have protective measures, be sure to choose a reliable protective measures in the purchase of machinery, not lifted the product of the hidden dangers and warning signs, do not figure buried security risk to their own effort.
  4, for power machinery to make a trial run.?First check the startup performance, had to start a few times to check start position, followed by the air operation, idling more than 10 minutes Check whether the machine is running smoothly in the normal operating speed, with or without abnormal noise.?Check operation after the joint surface, seal leakage phenomenon.
  5, check the operating performance.?The actual operating machinery, check whether the operation is handy whether to go the wrong phenomenon.?Whether the brake lights are safe and reliable rotary member is flexible for supporting mechanical hand rotation mechanical inspection, the presence or absence of catching phenomenon.

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