Environmental Protection Used Machinery tax may be feasible


April 18, the world's largest industrial auction company - Ritchie Bros. auction will be held in Beijing, Shunyi public auction in the Chinese first No Reserve.?The majority opinion is expected that this event will encourage around the world second-hand construction machinery products into China.?This phenomenon has gradually attracted some industry insiders worry - imported second-hand construction machinery market confusion, channel dispersion, excessive environmental protection, a large influx of second-hand equipment will not let the Chinese construction machinery "dump" the role of??is a disguised form of import behavior could cause new equipment and used equipment sales of domestic brands have a great impact.
  Said the owner of a number of second-hand construction machinery, such strong practical foreign products to give recognition and favor.?"Imported second-hand construction machinery products is still very popular, compared with China's own brands of used construction machinery, the former an advantage in terms of price and quality." Although the price advantage quality advantage, seemingly lower cost, but?The machine hand often ignored in the calculation of the cost of the environmental costs.
  Beijing, 2013, off the "haze", ushered in the "mud rain", this year's two sessions, the most frequently mentioned is the energy saving and innovation.?In this respect, China's environmental protection is desperately needed.?Square view, bear the brunt of environmental problems.?Admittedly, out of the foreign equipment are generally secondary hands, hands, or even three times, the age of the vehicle than the larger part of the second mobile phone the backward emission regulations, serious pollution, the operator harmful to the body, from the perspective of environmental management on imports?The limit of used construction machinery is imperative.?Secondly, because of the limited supervision of the mobile phone market in China, the two mobile phones profiteering are frequent, the price of equipment out of the foreign price close to retirement, but some of the equipment sold in the country better than the new machine, and even some large groups will be involved in?a large number of foreign-out equipment devoted to the Chinese market.
  China is still not reasonable policies and regulations to limit the import of second-hand construction machinery.Environmental costs in the form of taxes on hand construction machinery trading process or feasible.

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